Frequently asked questions

1. How do I put them on?

Stick the sweat pads directly on the inseam of your shirt or blouse (just peel and stick). They are easy to use and can be placed vertically or horizontally because of our creative and unique form. User tips: if you are wearing a silk blend or super thin shirt or blouse, we recommend applying the sweat pads to a tight fitting t-shirt or cami underneath your top. This will improve adherence and will also make the sweat pads invisible.

2. What is the product made of?

The sweat pads are constructed of a soft, yet absorbent fabric that has a unique protective film barrier. This combination literally traps perspiration- keeping it within the core of the pad and away from you.

3. Do they stick to all materials?

Although they work great on just about all materials, there are some silk blends that can cause a bit of a struggle. See our above tip under "How do I put them on".

4. Do they work with armless shirts?

Sweat Guard sweat pads are designed for long sleeve shirts however they work great with sleeveless if you cut the sweat pad along the cut line and place horizontally.

5. Do they prevent deodorant stains on my clothes?

Yes! It does not only prevent sweat stains on your clothes, it prevents deodorant stains as well.

6. Do I still need to use deodorant?

Personal preference, so we would say only if you want to. Sweat Guard sweat pads eliminates stain marks and also does help to reduce body odor associated with perspiration. However, please continue to use deodorant if that is part of your normal routine.

7. Can i flush the sweat pads down the toilet?

Just like other sanitary products, Sweat Guard sweat pads are not designed to be flushed.

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