One day I saw my Australian wife cut out a piece of her panty liners and stick it on her t-shirt. I asked her, what are you doing? And she told me: "As I sweat a lot, I want to prevent my clothes from getting sweat stains, which will allow me to keep my clothes for longer periods of time." I was surprised and asked her, if there existed any products in the market, that would solve this problem. She told me: "Yes, but you cannot get it at a shop, and I am not sure if they sell it here in Denmark."

We decided to start our research and found out, that the product existed in very few places and in no regular shops. Therefore, my wife and I decided to start a company that would find products that do not exist or are hard to find in Denmark, and make them more available. 

Sweat Guard was to be the first of our brands that we would bring to Denmark and is where our journey would start. 

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WHY sweat guard?

  • Are you tired of throwing your favorite shirt, dress or t-shirt out, because of sweat stains ?
  • Are you irritated, that you get sweat stains on your shirt, dress or t-shirt after only having used it one or two times?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable with your clothes because of excessive sweating tendencies?
  • Do you feel embarrassed or irritated, that you sweat a lot?
       You are not alone.....


  • Sweat Guard Underarm sweat pads is your solution!
  • It prevents sweat stains on your shirt, dress or t-shirt. 
  • It prevents deodorant stains on your shirt, dress or t-shirt.
  • You can now keep your favorite shirt, dress or t-shirt for longer periods of time.
  • You can dress with self-confidence at all times.
  • It is for everyone - even those that do not sweat much. 
  • Make your life that much more easier. You deserve it.



Mobil: +45 53392365

Mail: info@skmcph.dk

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Ada Moussi

Founder & Partner

Tel: +45 42323482

Mail: info@sweatguard.dk

Sabri Moussi

CEO & Partner

Tel: +45 53392365

Mail: info@sweatguard.dk